Our sole specialization in procurement and purchasing sets us apart and represents a genuine strength. Combined with our extensive knowledge of industry, this enables us to address and manage all types of purchasing projects, in collaboration with the entire supply chain.

Beyond delivering a thoroughly professional service, we provide our clients and employees with a unique purchasing experience built on an innovative approach that draws on our consultants’ experience of working in companies with mature purchasing departments. To achieve this, we notably draw on the transfer of expertise from one industrial sector to another in order to open up new perspectives and thereby improve efficiency in relation to the traditional processes.

Our commitments:

  • To provide our clients with support for their purchasing projects of every kind;
  • To support our clients in setting up purchasing units or developing the maturity of their existing purchasing department by advising and training their teams;
  • To help shape the purchasing departments of the future: school relations and CSR;
  • To pursue the development of our international services.


Every Albert & Co consultant becomes part of a family of committed, highly-driven professionals who are experts in their field and love the work they do: strategic procurement consulting.

Our team works on all types of procurement operations, with particular expertise in technical purchasing across every major industrial sector: automotive, aerospace, connected objects, watchmaking, energy and pharmaceuticals.

This high level of collective and individual intelligence enables us to offer our employees highly strategic projects to work on. At the same time, our local management approach ensures our consultants’ career expectations are heard and understood: a wide range of business sectors, career development prospects, international mobility, training, etc. We provide an environment that allows every employee to develop their career and find fulfillment!

Our purchasing team also plays an active role in the company’s development by participating in internal working groups, notably the CSR working group, which has enabled us to create a structured our service offer in responsible purchasing.

Our DNA: A “family” of dedicated employees united around common values:

audacity, honesty, pushing back one’s limits and pride!


Join the team


We have teams of purchasers in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada (our brand is known as Albert Inc in Canada). International development is one of our priority objectives for the coming years.



Albert & Co was founded in 2015 with a view to providing industrial clients with purchasing-specific support, based on the philosophy of “By purchasers, for purchasers”. As such, the company is largely made up of people with experience in purchasing. From the very outset, the goal was to create a “Purchasers’ Club”, acting as a career booster for consultants and providing 360-degree experience in different industrial environments.

Albert & Co is part of the Kepax Group and therefore benefits from strong intra-group synergies while maintaining its operational independence. Managing Director Nicolas Arnoult is all committed to driving the company’s 100% purchasing focus,
especially since he himself is a trained buyer with the first part of his career in industrial purchasing!

Nicolas Arnoult Directeur Albert&Co

« I aim to provide my employees with a unique experience and boost their career in Purchasing by assigning them to strategically important projects with high-level technical requirements”


Go Concept-Albert&Co Group groups together several companies that are specialists in their markets, each with high growth potential. The companies all share the same DNA, with complementary expertise fostering synergies. The Group has prospered through a proven development model:

  • Several local offices ensuring they are close to their markets.
  • Financial base built on solid equity.
  • Ten-year strategy.
  • Internal training programs.
  • Methods for structuring and managing teams
  • Mentoring programs for directors, consulting specialists and international managers in place for the last 20 years.
  • A culture of a high-level collective intelligence

A structured group that accelerates the developments of its subsidiary companies, which are all specialists in their markets and driven by entrepreneurial spirit!


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