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One of the world’s leading manufacturers of lighting systems was hard hit by the effects of the health crisis on the events sector.

In addition to my work on projects involving new products with sourcing requirements, I worked on developing the maturity of the purchasing department to make it more resilient.

To do this, I drew on the building blocks used to obtain ISO9001 certification:

Mes actions

  • Defining a purchasing strategy.
  • Segmenting purchases using the Kraljic matrix.
  • Identifying critical suppliers using PARETO's law.
  • Assessing these critical suppliers.
  • Developing indicators concerning the effectiveness and efficiency of the purchasing department.

Mes résultats

  • These processes were formalized so as to enable the company to continue using these tools after the end of the project. If this initiative is taken up by the other departments, it could be a step towards official certification!
albert&Co nicolas chef de projet achats Nicolas Purchasing Project Manager/Consultant

My background:

I have a Master's degree in Economics and Management and also skills in transport and stock management.
Before joining Albert & Co, I worked as a purchaser for 5 years in an SME specializing in energy storage and conversion.

I joined Albert & Co in 2020 as a consultant because I was interested in working on project assignments. This type of work is more challenging for me personally and enables me to provide clients with a quick, efficient responses to specific issues.

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