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As a leader in the design, manufacture and installation of nuclear equipment, our client has experienced a significant increase in its orders since 2019. Since the projected workload over the next decade is well beyond the internal production capacity, it became essential to set up a subcontracting network to absorb excess capacity, as well a structure to manager it.

Several difficulties were identified for this project:

  • Developing this subcontracting system during an ongoing order with tight deadline constraints.
  • Sourcing and developing subcontracted operations with new partners that do not necessarily master the quality and safety specifications of the nuclear sector.
  • Setting up a dedicated team to monitor this subcontracting.
  • Carrying out all these operations during a global pandemic.

Mes actions

  • Identifying all subcontracting needs.
  • Recording all the constraints, specifications, standards and procedures required to implement the subcontracting.
  • Presenting a 12-month deployment roadmap to the client's project management team.
  • Dual-sourcing with capable suppliers for each operation identified.
  • Validating the subcontracting procedures to be set up with the quality department.
  • Establishing a framework agreement with each supplier selected.
  • Launching calls for tender, negotiating, reserving supplier output capacity and transmitting contractual orders.
  • Recruiting and training the team needed to monitor the subcontracting on the suppliers' sites.
  • Launching the subcontracting, securing the quality and delivery times.
  • Implementing supplier assessments and improvement plans.
  • Formalizing an integrated purchasing strategy for subcontracting with the client.
  • Formalizing the operating procedures of the client's subcontracting unit.

Mes résultats

  • 12 approved suppliers.
  • 6 strategic framework agreements signed.
  • Subcontracting of excess capacity started within 7 months (despite COVID19).
  • Creation of a team of 3 people to manage subcontracting.
  • Formalization of subcontracting procedures.
  • First orders delivered within 10 months.
  • 23% financial gains in order negotiation
  • Client's total confidence in the performance level achieved and in Albert & Co's project management.
albert&Co Philippe Chef de Projets achats Philippe Purchasing project manager/consultant

My background:

I graduated as an engineer from the Cherbourg School of Production Engineering, with a specialization in controlled environments. At the start of my career, I worked in the field of special industrial machines, holding the positions of planning coordinator, installation supervisor and after-sales service manager. My interest in continuous improvement and the causal analysis of production disruptions pushed me into supplier quality assurance and finally purchasing, in order to control such risks.
I joined Albert & Co in 2019 to discover other business sectors and to have the opportunity to work as a consultant on challenging projects, in which I would have a high level of autonomy to help each purchasing department concerned develop efficient supplier partnerships.

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