Sample Projects

Medical industry, purchasing TO > €90 M

Full cost improvement of a qualified finished product

Context: Finished product too expensive on its market, preventing sales from taking off

Method: value analysis, review of the technical specifications, changeable without onerous qualification

Actions: elimination of a technical function, rationalisation and revision of the software for a “leaner” design, transfer and qualification of an LLC purchasing source

Results: 8 month project, 9% recurring gains and ROI < 6 months

Chemical industry, purchasing TO > €150 M

Investment financing by suppliers

Context: Investments (storage tanks, chemical product supply infrastructures) on a Seveso 2 site

Method: budget sizing, looking for solutions with a view to financing by suppliers, ROI calculation, contractual arrangements

Actions: budget setting with PIC inputs at 5 years, definition of the specifications and selection criteria, with a major focus: financing solutions, selection of a short list, contractual arrangements

Results: 6 month project, 100% of heavy investments funded, long-term contracts integrating logistics and maintenance services.

Aeronautical equipment manufacturer, purchasing TO > €300 M

Transfers to LLC zone and dollar zone

Context: Purchasing directive in dollar zones following the internationalisation of sales, on an initial purchasing portfolio, 100% France

Method: Spend analysis (technical and logistical), global benchmarking, audits, framework contracts
Actions: Identification of strategic/critical purchases (Kraljic) and transfer possibilities, benchmarking and supplier short-listing, transfers through successive waves, deployment of qualifications, implementation of a “dollars” KPI

Results: 90% of the purchasing volume occurred in LCC and dollars (USA, India…) in 18 months.

Tier 1 automotive equipment manufacturer, Purchasing TO > €400 M

Global benchmarking and make or buy of electronic equipment and electric motor

Context: Development of a range of compressors for electric vehicles with an ambitious series cost target.

Method: Analysis of the value of the initial product, identification of product cost drivers, drawing up a short list of panel and non-panel suppliers to consult, management of a world rating, selection of the best supplier proposals and comparison with in-house costs (make or buy), identification of a “best market price reference”, award for selected suppliers and improvement of the in-house solution cost

Results: 8 month project, addition to best-in-class supplier panel, series target price reached (16% gain with respect to the initial solution).

Automotive Project Purchasing: world-class component manufacturer

Project purchasing management for a range of light-duty vehicles, mechanical equipment

Context: equipment manufacturer award for a range of light-duty vehicles with production in 3 global geographic areas

Method: Management according to the PPAP methodology commonly used in the automotive industry

Actions: Preparing for and achieving all the milestones (gates) up to 6 months after SOP (start of production), including subcontractors award, launching and monitoring equipment testing, management of production start-up with the 3 world plants, management of technical changes during the consultation phases…

Results: upholding the series and project cost objectives, achieving all the milestones on time, no SOP delay

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