Albert+Co = Purchasing solutions! Results accelerator!

The adventure of two partners who wanted to fulfil their dreams and reconcile creation and profitability. An original scenario, based on a true story, and directed every day by a team of passionate consultants.

Our values


We recruit excellent buyers who are experts in their fields and passionate about their job.


Adopting a practical approach with a clear sense of priorities – the Kaizen philosophy!


Perseverance and courage, we are “results” and “project” culture oriented.


We get it right and maintain a critical eye: we are independent!

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A few words about the founder: Nathalie Pavia


An engineer by training, with more than 15 years’ experience in managing purchasing and supply chain departments for 7 companies, I have worked in high-tech industries: space, aeronautics, medical, rail, chemical, automotive, defence. I have explored, tested and implemented various different high-return purchasing solutions. I was born in the Alps and I know that it is possible to open up new avenues!

In 15 years, I had not found an organisation that was truly dedicated to purchasing and that understood that a buyer must first demonstrate its contribution to the company: buy well to sell well.

I founded Albert & Co to promote an agile, pragmatic and profitable purchasing function: a visible and recognised purchasing function. Today, the company consists of 3 partners who share the same values and the same vision of industrial performance. Our customers entrust us with their projects for results they know will make a difference.

A member of the Albert & Co management team will contact you within 48 hours