Career booster for ambitious Purchasing Consultants!

Albert & Co gives you the opportunity to work in a team of dedicated purchasing experts on high-level assignments of strategic value, adapted to your expertise and ambitions. Above and beyond that, when you join Albert & Co, you step into an environment that makes your experience as a purchasing consultant uniquely rewarding.

Nurturing collective intelligence

The People Deal

Our recipe for excellence is based on 3 principles for consultants and managers.

Our positioning:

  • Be part of a high-level team of professionals, all specialists who love their field of work.
  • Work on ambitious and challenging client projects (all 100% in purchasing), selected by the Business Managers for their added value.
  • Remain in permanent contact with the entire Albert & Co team – management, business managers, human resources, consultants, administrative departments, etc. – thanks to an organizational structure and tools that ensure regular exchanges and the development of collective intelligence.


Our employees’ commitments:

  • To conduct themselves in line with the company’s values, and be a true ambassador of our brand to our clients and partners.
  • To be open-minded, think outside the box, and prioritize actions that benefit the collective.
  • To bring hight level experience and skills and to take an active role in their career development and take personal initiatives to enhance their skills.
Albert&Co - club d'experts achats - chef de projets achats

Knowledge Management

Collective intelligence serving the development of Purchasing expertise, supplier sourcing and technical expertise.

Thanks to Knowledge Management, consultants can draw on resources to help them with every issue they face in their purchasing projects, by providing them with all the expertise of the Kepax Group. In concrete terms, this means being able to draw on the experience of more than 350 experts in purchasing and engineering. The KM office centralizes requests and transfers them directly to competent professionals to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Logo Knowledge Management

The operational excellence center

The Kepax Group constantly connects its employees to share their expertise serving the operational excellence of projects and the improvement of the skills of consultants. Numerous documentary references are available: supplier database, guides on the standards in force, quality process for the follow-up of the mandates carried out withcustomers, etc.



DeepTalents is the training academy of the Kepax Group, and a consulting firm specializing in industrial training. DeepTalents draws on the expertise of its consultants and managers to create tailor-made training modules, perfectly suited to the purchasing issues of its staff.

You guessed it! DeepTalents gives you the opportunity to regularly develop your skills. It also gives you the chance let others benefit from your purchasing expertise by becoming a trainer yourself!  Don’t wait!

DeepTalents en 90 secondes - Albert&Co, experts achats

Move up quickly and go far!

We offer many career development opportunities to satisfy the ambitions and motivation of our purchasing staff. A wide range of business sectors, national and international career development prospects, training, workshops… We can meet the expectations of every type of personality!

Geographic mobility within our network of offices in France – Nantes, Belfort, Strasbourg, Paris, Annecy, Grenoble, Lyon – or Nyon in Switzerland; Bruxelles in Belgium and Montreal in Canada.

Professional mobility: from Consultant to Senior Consultant, from Consultant to Business Manager, from Recruitment Officer to Human Resources Manager, etc. The bridges are open, you just need to cross them!

Inter-sector mobility: move from one industrial sector to another and transfer your knowledge to different environments: automotive, energy, medical, aeronautics, watchmaking, connected objects, etc. Make your expertise available to Start-ups, SMEs or International Groups.

Career development support: we are committed to the idea of local management: monthly project reviews, regular HR review meetings, etc. Your manager and your HR manager are there to listen to your needs and career development wishes.

Be actively involved and fulfill your potential

Remember our motto: Work hard, play hard! This section is devoted to the “playing” aspect!

Ambassador Program: if you want to get involved beyond the scope of your day-to-day work, become a “school ambassador” to your former university or school, a “local ambassador” to unite consultants from the same entity, a “Business ambassador” to move into the position of Business Manager, a “training ambassador” to become a trainer yourself, or a “trade ambassador” to promote and share your expertise.

GoAls program! GoAls is a genuine loyalty program that rewards each employee for their level of engagement in the life of the company.

And also, relax!  Numerous face-to-face and remote after-work evens are regularly organized to promote and maintain contact and relations between teams. Tasting regional products, aperitifs buffets, etc. To meet, talk and build your network in a convivial atmosphere!

Albert&Co - notre club d'experts achats en séminaire à Annecy

Be valued for your work

We attach particular importance to the quality of life in the workplace.

This all starts with providing pleasant premises for each local office: town house, strategic location, a modern and dynamic atmosphere.

Every year, we organize several staff surveys to ask employees about their expectations, level of satisfaction and areas that can be improved. We implement the appropriate actions to meet our staff’s needs and expectations, such as adapting the layout of offices and workstations, or facilitating contact with health-care professionals.





Our after-works sessions devoted to quality of life in the workplace and disability raise our teams’ awareness about the good practices that can be adopted to help them take care of their health and welcome others in the best possible way.

Respect and equal opportunity are key Group values. Moreover, Albert & Co can claim to have achieved an almost perfect balance in terms of gender equality! We implement tangible actions on a daily basis, which are included in our “Happiness & Performance” We encourage involvement in associations and support our employees’ social initiatives (sponsoring solidarity races, sponsoring skills development with charities, etc.).