Consulting in industrial purchasing optimization strategies

We help our clients fulfill their purchasing projects by providing project management consulting services in every industrial sector. We also help our clients set up purchasing units or develop the maturity of their existing purchasing department by advising and training their teams.

In addition, we have created a specific CSR offer to provide our clients with advice on these issues: creating a real sustainable purchasing strategy for the eco-design of industrial products.

For us, human relations, respect, dialog and listening are essential components in the client-supplier relationship. That’s what responsible purchasing is all about!


Our goal is to make your purchasing operations profitable and responsible!


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Service Offers

As a consulting firm specializing in purchasing, we provide a range of service offers that enable us to tailor our approach to the needs of our different clients (essentially in industry): from project management to the definition of their procurement strategy. Learn more about our purchasing solutions through our case studies:


# Strategic consulting:
auditing, rapid diagnosis, in-depth diagnosis, organizational analysis, recommendations for developing the maturity of a purchasing department or setting up a purchasing unit
> See the case study

# Project management:
sourcing, setting up panels, etc.
> See the case study

# Pooling/outsourcing:
cost rationalization, supplier negotiations, etc.
> See the case study

# Training:
creation of tailor-made training offers to develop the skills of internal teams in the field of purchasing

# CSR/Sustainable purchasing:
auditing and analysis, specific tools and matrices, recommendations for improvements, supplier audits (encouragement to develop their own CSR policy)
> See the case study


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Offres de service achats Albert&Co

Areas of expertise

We draw on the diverse experience and specialties of our expert consultants to cover all industrial purchasing needs. Our specific experience in complex purchasing operations is a particular asset for dealing with all types of issues: we have the expertise, tools, matrices and methods required to handle every type of practical case.

# Structuring the purchasing department:

> See the case study

# Methodology for obtaining ISO9001 certification:

> See the case study

# Achats directs :

# Indirect procurement : 


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Domaines d'expertise achats Albert&Co

Buiness sectors

Specializing in industrial procurement strategy, we work with major international groups, SMEs, very small businesses and start-ups. Our experience in purchasing industrial components and equipment enables us to optimize purchasing performance in these business sectors, whether in terms of sourcing, supplier risk management, supply chain optimization or cost rationalization. Discover the practical cases of our industrial clients:


# Energy> See the case study

# Automotive > See the case study

# Aeronautics/Space > See the case study

# Watchmaking > See the case study

# Connected objects > See the case study

# Pharmaceuticals

# Consumer

# Agri-food  > See the case study

# Entertainement > See the case study

# Environment  > See the case study


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