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Domaine d’expertise Direct procurement for projects
Secteur Soft transport means
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A French car manufacturer launched the production of autonomous shuttles for one of its clients.
Innovation is very important in this niche market. There were few technical obstacles but there were strict requirements in terms of lead-times as regards integrating vehicle modifications as quickly as possible.

Indeed, the shuttle’s functions and equipment were constantly evolving.
While ensuring the integration of these modifications, the aim was to double the production rate and adjust the stock and the supplies of the various product families as well as possible, while keeping in mind that some of the parts required very long supply lead-times (9 to 10 months) and that there was a wide variety of product families (bodywork, wiring harnesses, electronic equipment, sheet metal work, etc.).

The challenge was therefore to absorb the various developments while ensuring the coordination of purchases, a prerequisite to ensure a smooth-running production process.

Mes actions

  • Supervising the entire project: link between the project and production managers, product-family purchasers, the design office and procurement.
  • Managing changes/developments and integrating new options.
  • Launching calls for tender and analyzing proposals for collegial decision-making.
  • Improving productivity (+5%) on a set of wiring harnesses by proposing an alternative component supplier to our subcontractor, enabling the company to benefit from Group prices.
  • Selecting new suppliers.
  • Managing supplier risk to ensure the continuity of business relations.
  • Moving from prototype mode to mass-production mode on certain items (when possible).
  • Drafting contracts and quality and logistics commitments.
  • Identifying and proposing solutions to mitigate project risks, in collaboration with the design office.
  • Establishing relations of trust with internal and external contacts.
  • Managing supplier disputes.

Mes résultats

  • 3 new suppliers approved.
  • Stabilization of relationships with high-risk suppliers.
  • No interruption in the production line.
  • Client requirements met.
Albert&Co Aurélie Cheffe de projets achats Aurélie Purchasing Project Manager/Consultant

My background:

I graduated from ESM-A in Marne-La-Vallée. Before joining Albert & Co, I worked in industrial purchasing, in the aerospace, automotive, petrochemical and electronic/electrical equipment sectors, including experience working abroad.
I joined Albert & Co in 2018 as a consultant in order to expand and diversify my professional experience and discover new sectors.

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