Offre de services Project management
Domaine d’expertise Indirect transport procurement
Secteur Aeronautics/Space
Albert&Co Agnes consultante cheffe de projets achats
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Albert&Co optimisation des coûts des transports routier dans le domaine de l'aéronautique


This company operates in the aerospace industry and belongs to a large international group. It specializes in manufacturing non-ferrous metal alloys in several forms.

In this increasingly competitive business sector, the company decided to launch a continuous improvement program in order to develop its competitiveness and respond more rapidly to client requests. As a highly strategic commodity for the company, road transport is one of its most significant costs.

Moreover, the newly-created Purchasing Department did not have the capacity (in terms of workload) to conduct this type of call for tender. My objectives were therefore:

  • To help the Purchasing Manager find a reliable partner to manage road transport for the company’s clients as well as its subcontractors in France and Europe.
  • To manage of flows from the company’s production sites in order to satisfy its highly-demanding clients in terms of quality and on-time delivery.
  • To contribute to optimizing costs and ensuring better control of road transport expenses.

Mes actions

  • Conducting a call for tenders for road transport services in France and Europe + logistics services for the company’s production sites, based on the needs of the operational players in place.
  • Negotiation and implementation of a supplier selection matrix, and active involvement in the selection of the transport and logistics partner.
  • Establishing contracts in English.

Mes résultats

  • Savings negotiated in excess of the Group's objectives.
  • Delivery of a methodology to the client: from collecting the needs (interviewing the various players) and drafting the specifications through to the identification of project milestones, task planning, project management and activity reporting.
  • Establishment a contract in English, based on the commercial conditions negotiated.
  • Contribution to increasing the Purchasing Manager's visibility within the Group's international Purchasing team.
Albert&Co Agnes consultante cheffe de projets achats Agnès Purchasing Project Manager/Consultant

My background:

I have a Master’s degree in International Purchasing (MAI) from Kedge Business School.
Before joining Albert & Co, I worked for 15 years in purchasing, for both mass production and specific projects, in an international industrial environment (for small parts in large volumes), as a Purchasing Officer, and then as a Factory Purchasing Manager. As a Purchaser, I managed several portfolios for mechanical parts: foundry, cutting and deep-drawing... and also subcontracting services. I have also managed indirect purchases during my career (storage, road transport, etc.).

I joined Albert & Co in 2017 as a consultant in order to expand and diversify my professional experience, to discover new sectors (through assignments over varying periods of time) and use the skills I had acquired in large organizations in order to help smaller, less structured organizations.

In between client projects, I contribute to the development of Albert and Co's activity, by helping to find new clients, recruiting new staff, writing articles to underline the importance of Purchasing in our professional environment and supporting other consultants in their work on specific issues.

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