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Domaine d’expertise Direct procurement for mass-production
Secteur Automotive
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One of the major players in the electricity industry decided to transform one of its subsidiaries, specializing in the management of on-board electrical power systems (for the aerospace, rail, industrial-vehicle sectors) and move into the electric car market. The future of the industrial site and the branch chosen for this conversion project depended on the successful management of this strategic reorientation.

Since the Group has facilities around the world, the skills needed were recruited in-house, in several countries (United States, China, India, France, Hungary, Italy, etc.).

The main challenge was therefore to ensure efficient coordination between the design office, suppliers, project managers and internal departments, while supporting the latter through the restructuring of their organization. The objective was to bring the departments up to the level of requirements applied in the automotive industry (QCD, Standards, etc.), while fulfilling the operational aspects of procurement for the prototypes during the different project phases and taking into account the launch of the PPAP for preliminary production series and mass production.

Mes actions

  • Creating monitoring tools in order to be able to inform the clients and management about the design maturity rate, and order commitment rate.
  • Daily monitoring of changes to plans, order status, deliveries and stocks.
  • Identifying and approving alternative sources for as many electronic components as possible, starting with the most critical components.
  • Supplier monitoring and re-sourcing to deal with closured due to COVID-19-in order to ensure stay in line with the project schedule.
  • Creating a complete Supply Chain process, from the call-for-tender phase and stock management to formalizing bids, orders, the monitoring of orders, deliveries, quality and the consumption of parts as well as stock monitoring.

Mes résultats

  • Securing the availability of all components for the prototype phases of the projects.
  • Structuring the purchasing and supply chain organization through the implementation of a detailed process.
Albert&co fabien consultant achats Fabien Purchasing Project Manager/Consultant

My background:

I graduated from the IDRAC Business School. Before joining Albert & Co, I worked in industrial purchasing for 4 years, in the automotive and industrial vehicle sectors.
I joined Albert & Co in 2019 as a consultant in order to expand and diversify my professional experience, discover new sectors and help businesses meet the new challenges they face.

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