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The client – a leader in the environmental sector – had to deal with the unexpected departure of its purchasing manager, one of the founding members of the company. After a pre-selection phase, the client commissioned Albert & Co to resolve this crisis situation and conduct large-scale purchasing projects. I was in charge of the interim management and had to respond quickly to the vacuum in skills that had been created, while adapting to the existing environment.

The stakes were extremely high, both in terms of the project requirements and from a HR standpoint. Indeed, an employee had decided to leave because the Purchasing Department had been without a manager for several months, and a strategic deal was being prepared. At the same time, communication was difficult with the operational team and the ongoing business was suffering as a result.

Mes actions

  • After an integration phase in the Company, I submitted a tailor-made solution to the Management Board that took into account the constraints and reality on the ground. The solution revolved around two major focuses: stability and visibility. A skills development plan was implemented. During the deployment, the purchasing department became fully operational again and rebuilt its credibility.
  • In addition to this initial action, I put in place a purchasing organization that was adapted to the teams, as well as the Company's vision and values. I deployed the strategy with the active involvement of all the departments concerned (design office, production, after-sales service).
  • Ultimately, building a purchasing strategy (by portfolio) not only empowered each member of the purchasing team, it also responded to the needs of other departments (such as the technical and commercial qualification of new suppliers) by meeting the Management's requirements as regards intelligent cost optimization.

Mes résultats

  • In the words of the Directors: "The actions implemented put an end to certain deep-rooted problems. For my teams, this has brought change while ensuring continuity."
  • The methodology deployed by Albert & Co enabled the client to finalize the construction of a pilot processing center in Europe on time, and thus win an additional contract involving new references.
Albert&Co Sebastien chef de projets achats Sébastien Purchasing project manager/consultant

My background:

I started my career in 2006 as a product family purchaser (parts to plan, machining) and quickly moved in project purchasing in the energy sector.
I joined Albert & Co in 2017 as a Purchasing Project Manager. I remember my first framework contract signed with a wiring manufacturer concerning the supply of high-voltage equipment for the construction of two electrical substations in Europe. Then I took on a project in the environmental sector to build and deploy a client's purchasing strategy.
Since then, I have been involved in several projects in the Rhone Valley, all involving fire protection systems and the maintenance of civil engineering structures. It's great to take a project designed and developed "at headquarters" and implement it locally at operational level.
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