Offre de services Pooling/outsourcing
Domaine d’expertise OPEX indirect procurement
Secteur Maritime transport
Albert&Co Fanelie consultante achats
Fanélie Purchasing Project Manager/Consultant Voir le profil
Albert&Co mutualisation achats téléphonie dans le transport maritime


As part of a process aimed at optimizing indirect procurement, the management of one of the leading maritime transport companies in France wanted to conduct a call for tender for its mobile telephone purchases, pooling the needs of all its sites in France.

The challenge involved setting up a framework contract for the company’s mobile telephones in France, with pricing packages adapted to the company’s needs, an optimized sales service and competent, responsive technical support, as well as better VOICE and DATA Roaming rates.

Mes actions

  • Grouping together the needs of each agency in France.
  • Mapping needs by socio-professional category.
  • Drafting a common specifications file for all sites.
  • Launching an overall call for tender with the major mobile phone suppliers.
  • Building an offer adapted to the company's needs with each potential supplier.
  • Negotiating a framework contract for France, with a worldwide-service clause to continue pooling the Group's purchases outside France.

Mes résultats

  • Within the context of a call for tender involving an annual budget of €500K, we updated the prices according to the company's real needs and achieved a saving of 32%.
  • Implementing a framework contract for France, with a worldwide development clause.
Albert&Co Fanelie consultante achats Fanélie Purchasing Project Manager/Consultant

My background:

I have a Master’s degree in Purchasing from Sup de Co Montpellier. Before joining Albert & Co, I worked as a product-family purchaser in industrial purchasing for 6 years, in several areas of the automotive industry.
I joined Albert & Co in 2018 as a consultant in order to expand and diversify my professional experience, to discover new sectors and use the skills I had acquired in large organizations to help smaller, less structured organizations.

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