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Domaine d’expertise Direct procurement for mass-production
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One of the strategic suppliers of a leading French group in the home automation sector was going through a general crisis: management, product quality, process quality. In the context of supplier relationship management, the client placed the suppliers on NBH (New Business Hold) status; in other words, the client would no longer grant new business to this supplier. However, the client, needed to remove the supplier from this status.

This is the context in which Albert & Co was called in to help. I led a multidisciplinary project team devoted to removing the supplier’s NBH status.


Mes actions

  • Setting up the project team:
  • - On the client side: purchasing, supplier continuous improvement, methods, procurement.
  • - On the supplier side: business unit manager, customer account manager, planning, quality.
  • Audit phase:
  • - Initial audit of production lines, industrial planning and stock management.
  • - Data analysis.
  • - Defining and sharing objectives, the scheduling and best practices.
  • - Defining and sharing the action plan.
  • Implementation:
  • - Purchasing and procurement: Review of procurement lead-times. Component allocations. Tool investment plan.
  • - Methods: Reorganization of production teams. HR retention plan to reduce staff turnover.
  • - Quality: Stock: Kanban optimization, reinforced stock control (inventories, spot checks) - o Production: Reinforced inspection plans.
  • - Logistics: Person dedicated to the client's logistics.
  • Performance monitoring:
  • - Weekly reviews (remote) - purchasing, logistics, quality: service rate, customer claims, quality
  • - Quarterly review (on supplier site) - purchasing, BU managers, logistics, quality, methods: managerial action plan: HR (loyalty, training), production (methods, quality), logistics (supplies, stock).
  • - Project summary: what went well, what remains to be done.
  • - Identification of good practices.

Mes résultats

  • The supplier achieved the objectives set during the initial audit.
  • After one year of the project, a final audit confirmed the removal of supplier's NBH status. The client has once again allocated new contracts to this supplier.
albert&Co Tiffany Cheffe de projet achats Tiffany Senior Purchasing Project Manager

My background:

After staring out in the luxury-goods industry, working in production management, I decided to specialize in purchasing and obtained a Specialized Master's Degree from EM Lyon. Then, I became a project purchaser in the luxury watchmaking sector.
I joined Albert & Co in 2017 as a consultant in order to discover new industrial sectors and boost my career. The gamble paid off, since I have now worked in the fields of electronics and electromechanics, and was responsible for setting up and managing a BU in a start-up with a staff of 70 people.
Today, I presented one of my experiences as the lead-buyer of electronic cards, with a purchasing budget of €60M.

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