Offre de services Strategic consulting
Domaine d’expertise Structuring and creating purchasing department
Secteur Soft transport means
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A highly-promising start-up specializing in the development of product solutions for the soft mobility sector won a significant call for tender (client contract over several years) resulting in a 10-fold increase in its business between 2016 and 2018. This led to profound changes in terms of the company’s strategy, organization and human resources.

I arrived in this context, shortly before the delivery of the first products linked to the call for tender.

To assist the company during this period of rapid development, the challenge was to structure its purchasing operations in order to secure the company’s long-term procurement needs, anticipate risks, reduce costs related to emergency management, ensure the long-term viability of the Purchasing Department’s structure and support the team in place.

Mes actions

  • The interim management of the supply chain team (15 people) for 6 months, and then of the Purchasing team (4 people) for one and a half years.
  • Defining and implementing a purchasing structure (human resources, organization, strategy definition and management of action plans).
  • Performing a diagnosis of the situation and drawing up a road-map: focus on competitiveness, continuous improvement, reliability of client lead-times, definition of a new Purchasing organization chart, establishing the budget in terms of human resources.
  • Managing the team: recruitment, crisis management, conducting year-end interviews
  • Establishing action plans to remove problems concerning late payment of suppliers.
  • Eliminating risks to ensure the delivery of products within the agreed deadlines and to support the strong increase in volume over the long term (identify critical components, check existing supplier capacity, mitigate risks with dual sourcing, simplify logistics flows, establish contractual requirements with the most strategic suppliers).
  • This was done while also identifying areas of potential savings and implementing the solutions with the team.

Mes résultats

  • Call for tender: products delivered in accordance with the client contract.
  • Assignment of a resource to manage the spare parts associated with the call for tender and establishment of a client price list.
  • Contractual agreements: contractual coverage for key suppliers.
  • Drafting and distribution of general terms and conditions of purchase.
  • Savings on purchases above target.
  • 100% of Purchasing data imported in the ERP.
  • Management of supplier audits and feedback.
  • Renegotiation of supplier payment terms, thereby contributing to the improvement of the DPO.
  • Implementation of a supplier selection matrix and a toolbox with, notably including standard contracts in French and English.
Albert&Co Agnes consultante cheffe de projets achats Agnès Purchasing Project Manager/Consultant

My background:

I have a Master’s degree in International Purchasing (MAI) from Kedge Business School.
Before joining Albert & Co, I worked for 15 years in purchasing, for both mass production and specific projects, in an international industrial environment (for small parts in large volumes), as a Purchasing Officer, and then as a Factory Purchasing Manager. As a Purchaser, I managed several portfolios for mechanical parts: foundry, cutting and deep-drawing... and also subcontracting services. I have also managed indirect purchases during my career (storage, road transport, etc.).

I joined Albert & Co in 2017 as a consultant in order to expand and diversify my professional experience, to discover new sectors (through assignments over varying periods of time) and use the skills I had acquired in large organizations in order to help smaller, less structured organizations.

In between client projects, I contribute to the development of Albert and Co's activity, by helping to find new clients, recruiting new staff, writing articles to underline the importance of Purchasing in our professional environment and supporting other consultants in their work on specific issues.

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